A complete guide for the Working Holiday in Japan

You can work while travelling in Japan for One year or more!

bottun Official Assistant English Teacher at Public Schools in Japan

What is the Working Holiday?

Working Holiday Working Holiday is a program that has been developed by the governments of Japan, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan and UK in order to promote mutual understanding and friendship between member countries. It made possible for citizens of member countries to enter another country for an extended holiday while engaging in employment in order to supplement their travel funds. Working Holiday Visas are issued according to conditions agreed upon bilaterally by the governments involved. For the overview of the Working Holiday program, please see Japanese Embassy’s website at;

Who qualifies for Working Holiday?

Working HolidayAny Canadian Citizen between 18 and 30 years old with a valid passport, currently living in Canada and have reasonable funds to support themselves, including medical expenses, during the initial period of stay in Japan are qualified. You also must be in good health and have no criminal records.

How can I apply?

You can apply at Japanese Embassy or Consulate in Canada in person. Application form is available at their website. There is no fee to apply.
Download the application (PDF)

How Can I find a job and an accommodation?

You can find a job and an accommodation in Japan in the same way as you would do in Canada….!.
But in reality, who can do this unless you live in Japan and be able to read and speak Japanese?
That’s where we come in. We can orient you, find the job opportunities, book an affordable accommodation, and provide 24 hours care while you live in Japan.
For those who’d like to learn some Japanese for the better opportunities, we can provide one-on-one Japanese lessons in both face to face classes and on-line lessons.

Our services

One stop Working Holiday agent for Japan


We will provide free consultation by Email, telephone, or meetings in person throughout the course of your preparation to set off for Japan on a Working Holiday visa.

Visa application

We can assist you to apply for a Working Holiday visa for fee, however, we recommend you to do it by yourself. Application form is available on-line and it’s very easy to fill out.


We can find a proper accommodation for you. We will send you the information of the accommodation, including photographs and assist you to make a rental agreement.

Job Search

Employment opportunities

We can find job opportunities for you in Japan and arrange on-line job interviews before you leave for Japan.

  • Based on your career and qualification we will source job opportunities currently available in Japan.
  • We will interview you by telephone or online through Skype. We recommend online interview since we can provide a valuable advice if we can actually see you.
  • Send your resume to the prospective employer and arrange online interviews.
  • Assist you in making necessary agreement between the employers.

Japanese conversation lesson

We provide both face to face lessons and on-line lessons by bi-lingual Japanese instructors. A 30 minutes free trial lesson is available.

Working Holiday

Air ticket to Japan

We can assist you to purchase air tickets as well as land transportation tickets in Japan. We can also refer you to reputable Japanese travel agents in Canada.

When you land in Japan

Airport pick up and transportation to your destination

We can arrange our staff to meet you at Narita Airport and provide the transportation to your destination. Unless you are familiar to Japan, it could be very challenging to navigate yourself to your destination.

While you are in Japan

Assistance including 24 hours emergency hotline

We will provide consultation and assistance while you are in Japan, including 24 hours emergency telephone service. You will find this service extremely helpful particularly in the beginning of the stay when you are not yet used to a new life style and the environment.

Fee for Service

Consultation before leaving Canada
Visa application $100
Accommodation arrangement $200
Japanese conversation lesson(at Vancouver) $345(12 lessons)
$625(24 lessons)
$930(40 lessons)
Air tickets and local transportation arrangement $100
Employment arrangement $450
Airport pick up and transportation $250
Assistance in Japan with 24 hours hotline $600 / 3monts


How long can I stay in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa?

Working HolidayYou can stay in Japan for 12 months or more. First, you need to renew your Working Holiday visa after 6months, then, you can apply for the extension of your Working Holiday Visa at the immigration office in Japan with your passport and *alien registration card and pay an extension fee of 4000 yen.

*Alien registration
If you intend to stay in Japan for more than 90 days, you must register in person at designated office where you are living within 90 days of your arrival in Japan. You need to bring your passport and two passport-size photos of yourself. About two weeks after registering, you will be given an alien registration card which must be carried at all times. If any of the details on your alien registration card change (e.g. address, extension of your visa etc.) you must notify the issuing office within 14 days. .

Is it possible to change to another visa from a Working Holiday Visa?

Yes. There are some visas that you can change to and some that you can't. For more detailed information please contact Japanese embassy or consulate.

Is it possible to leave Japan and come back during a working holiday?

Yes, as long as you obtained either a "Single Re-entry Permit" (there is a 4000 yen fee) or a "Multiple Reentry Permit"(6000 yen) from your nearest immigration office before leaving Japan. You will not be able to return to Japan on a Working Holiday visa without a re-entry permit. The expiry date of your visa will not be extended to allow for the time that you have spent outside of Japan.

What kind of work can I find?

Working HolidayThere are no restrictions on type of work with the exception of certain jobs such as host/hostess work, work in massage parlors etc. While there are no restrictions, most of Working holiday makers work at ESL schools, restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc,. It is also possible to work as the technical specialists through proper job hunting.

How is the job market in Japan?

Like what is happening in the most of the world, the current recession is affecting the job market in Japan as well. However, if you are not overly particular, you will find work in Japan eventually.

How much wage can I expect?

If you work at ESL school as a teacher, you can expect average wage to be approximately 2,000 yen (*$25) per hour. The wage for non-teaching jobs is approximately 1000 yen (*$12) per hour.*As of November 2010.

Do I have a better chance to find a job if I speak Japanese?

Yes. Jobs in the service industry usually require a high degree of Japanese ability. You might be surprised at how many people there are in Japan who do not speak English. Being able to speak Japanese, even little, is definitely an advantage.

Do I have to pay tax in Japan?

Yes. You have to pay an income tax of 20% (‘non-resident tax rate’). There is also a 5% consumer tax levied on goods and services.

What are the living expenses like in Japan?

The following is the examples of living expenses in Tokyo. It could be much less in rural area.

Accommodation (guest house) 70,000 yen($870) per month
Food 55,000 yen ($680) per month
Other expenses 40,000 yen ($494) per month
Total 165,000 yen($2030) per month

As of June 12, 2009, (Conversion rate: Noveme4 2010)

What types of accommodation are available?

Apartment housing so called guesthouses or ‘gaijin houses’ are common. It has private bedrooms with shared toilets, showers, kitchens, laundries, and lounges. They are usually equipped with a bed, a refrigerator, and a TV, and sometimes free internet access. Homestay is quite rare in Japan.
Working Holiday Visa, but with the recent strengthening of the yen, you might find that you actually need substantially more.

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